The BlackMOA™ Compact Toilet Solution: From Ideation to Reality

Custom Innovations for Enhanced Campervan Living: How We're Solving Space and Comfort Challenges with the BlackMOA™ Toilet
June 24, 2024 by
Myst Enterprise

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During our regular market visits to businesses, where we offer bespoke sourcing, procurement, and importing services alongside hygiene products like gloves, wipes, and rags, we received an intriguing inquiry. One of our highly respected and valued clients asked if we could supply them with campervan toilets.

The answer was “Of course”

Within a couple of days, we secured the official distribution rights for a brand offering fixed toilet seats with removable cassettes. We quoted our client a price approximately 40% lower than the market price for this brand (having a capacity of 24L blackwater tank). Following this, we began exploring the market further to see if others in the industry could benefit from our assistance.

During our journey, we met another notable client recognized for their brand, services, and uniquely sized campervans. These unique campervans required smaller a fixed toilet seat size that didn't exist anywhere in the world. This led to the creation of the BlackMOA™ Fixed Toilet with 12L Removable Cassette.

Why this was needed? 
If a toilet over 350mm in height is installed in these campervans, the interior space becomes too cramped, making it uncomfortable for users. Only beings from a tiny planet might find it satisfactory.

Myst Enterprise's R&D team took this challenge seriously, aiming to develop a uniquely sized product that meets New Zealand regulations. Our solution helps clients potentially save between $2,000 and $6,000 per van in modification costs.

It took us a few weeks of back-and-forth factory overseas, late night discussions over design and functionality, and local consultations with certifiers for compliance and regulations in New Zealand. This resulted in assurance of such producing such product from scratch and we assured our clients with, "Don’t worry, we have sorted out the solution for you."

This smallest fixed toilet with a removable cassette is presented to the entire campervan community. The BlackMOA™ Fixed Toilet with 12L Removable Cassette is the answer for current issues of size and space.


  • Height: 320mm*
  • Width: 400mm*
  • Depth: 480mm*
  • Capacity: 12L clean water tank, 12L waste tank
  • Ventilation: Vented with a long hose
  • Construction: Fixed and lightweight
  • Weight-bearing Capacity: 150kg
  • Cassette: Removable from the front

*Highly Recommended by the factories to keep a margin of 5-10mm while planning this set-up against each presented length. 

Download the Product Spec. Sheet. 

In less than two weeks (early July 2024), the prototype will arrive in New Zealand, with pre-orders scheduled for delivery in mid-August 2024. We have been overwhelmed with hundreds of emails and phone calls from campervan businesses and private owners eager to place their orders, expressing their excitement and relief.

Download our Product Information Pack for more information.

We have visited a substantial number of companies with extensive fleets, accompanied by our friendly and renowned helpers as modifiers who are prepared to assist users and owners with modifications at economical prices, ensuring reliability to obtain certification for their campervans. Additionally, many manufacturers, repairers, and alteration companies have joined us to support the campervan community with installation and modification.

Our estimate for more complex and intricate designs is less than $900 per van, which includes the fixed toilet seat, materials, labor, and modifications. This cost is remarkably lower compared to using larger-sized toilets, which typically range from $2500 to $6000 per van. For those opting for a do-it-yourself approach, the modification costs may range from $50 to $100, provided that complex modifications are not required. In any case, the vertical space inside the van is not compromised by using a BlackMOA™ Fixed Toilet with 12L Removable Cassette.

Furthermore, we are already supplying foam swabs with covers and curtains, all custom-made to their bespoke sizes, and saving our clients 30% to 40% on these costs. We deliver high-quality products and extend our services to a wide range of products in the campervan manufacturing, renting, and repairing industry.

Myst Enterprise is New Zealand’s #1 bespoke sourcing and supplying company, with a global presence to deliver anything to your doorstep, whether it's materials or ready-made products, your branding, or any reputable products in any industry you can think of. We are proud to be a bespoke local supplier in New Zealand.

Let us know when you'd like to grab a coffee with us, and we can discuss how we can make a difference for your business.

Myst Enterprise June 24, 2024
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