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Welcome to Myst Solar, an integral division of Myst Enterprise Ltd. committed to harnessing the power of the sun to provide sustainable energy solutions. Within Myst Solar, we proudly present UPS and Inverters, dedicated to introducing innovative solar technologies that redefine the way we power our lives. Explore the extraordinary world of solar energy and, within this realm, discover the significance of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Inverter systems.

Myst Solar - Empowering Lives with Sunlight:

At Myst Solar, we procure bespoke solar solutions including cells, UPS and Inverters. Contact us to learn how our commitment lies in providing reliable and eco-friendly solutions that not only reduce our carbon footprint but also offer a dependable source of energy, even in challenging circumstances.

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UPS by Myst Solar  

Myst Solar Inverters - Reliable Power, Anytime, Anywhere:

In an era where constant connectivity and uninterrupted power are essential, Myst Solar introduces its cutting-edge UPS systems. Our solar-powered UPS solutions are designed to ensure a seamless and reliable power supply, safeguarding your critical electronics and appliances against power outages.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

MT - UD Series 

Introducing the MT-UD Series Inverter, a state-of-the-art power solution designed to elevate your energy management experience. This inverter boasts a Pure Sine Wave output, ensuring clean and reliable power for your appliances. Offering versatility, it can support WIFI/GPRS connectivity for remote monitoring and control. With an impressive MPPT efficiency of up to 98%, this inverter optimizes solar energy harvesting for enhanced performance.

The MT-UD Series comes with an optional built-in MPPT/PWM 30-60A controller, providing flexibility in solar charging methods. Its DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function ensure a seamless and efficient startup. Notably, the inverter automatically sends signals to start a generator when needed, enhancing reliability in diverse energy scenarios.

Designed for high efficiency and optimized battery performance, this inverter allows for selectable charging currents based on specific applications. It features an AC start-up voltage and auto-restart voltage, ensuring consistent and reliable power delivery.

The UD Series is equipped with essential protective functions, including overload protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and anti-reverse connection, prioritizing the safety of your electrical system. The inverter's status display provides real-time information on critical parameters, offering transparency and control.

With the ability to accommodate lead-acid or lithium batteries, the UD Series caters to varying energy storage needs. Whether you opt for the 1000VA model or the powerful 12500VA unit, each inverter in the UD Series is designed for high efficiency, low noise, and reliable operation, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


MT - GD Series 

Introducing the MT-GD Series Inverter, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your power supply experience. With a Lithium Battery Auto-restart Function, charging your lithium battery becomes more convenient, while the Intelligent Power Supply Mode intelligently shares power from solar panels, mains, and battery sources. This versatile inverter offers adjustable Utility Charging Voltage and PV Charging Voltage, catering to diverse battery charging requirements. Its slim body ensures convenient installation and transportation, coupled with Battery Reverse Connection Protection for safer installations.  

With PF1.0, high efficiency, and low consumption, this inverter prioritizes energy conservation, environmental protection, and cost savings. Notably, it supports working without a battery, reducing solar system costs, and offers a Parallel Function for up to nine units, expanding the capacity for additional loads. The MT-GD Series guarantees a high precision output voltage, cares for your appliances with ±5% accuracy, and provides communication options through an external WIFI for supervision at any time. With features like a Pure Sine Wave output and MPPT PV charging, the MT-GD Series is a reliable and intelligent power solution, meeting the highest standards and certifications.

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