Myst Enterprise: Trusted Partner  in Disposables  &Protective Gear

Myst B2B Business Model

At Myst Enterprise, we stand as pioneers in providing top-tier disposables and protective gear to businesses in New Zealand and across the globe. With a commitment to quality and adherence to the highest health standards, we have been at the forefront, especially during the 2019 pandemic, and continue to be a reliable source for your safety needs.

Myst Enterprise takes pride in providing standardised PPEs by International and NZ's regulatory laws. Where most PPEs were recalled because of substandard supply, our provision remained at par with the laws during those unprecedented time. 

Protective Gear Categories: Safeguarding Your Well-Being

Surgical and medical Masks-Myst


We're always ready with our extensive range of protective masks designed to provide maximum comfort and effective filtration. From surgical masks to N95 respirators, Myst Enterprise ensures a comprehensive selection to suit various professional and medical settings. In order to learn more about different types and bulk quantities to be purchased, please get in touch with us.

Nitrile gloves


As experienced by our partners, our disposable gloves are crafted to meet the stringent demands of diverse industries: including, mechanical, hospital, cleaning, and food. Whether it's nitrile gloves, latex gloves, or vinyl gloves, Myst Enterprise offers gloves that comply ISOs and EN standards with the test reports, ensuring optimal protection for your hands. Learn the pricing for container loads and B2B rates by emailing us your specific query. 

Person wearing Coverall l

Gowns and Coveralls

Offering a range of gowns and coverall one-stop-shop for your specific needs. Elevate safety protocols with our gowns and coveralls that offer full-body protection. Designed with durability and comfort in mind, our protective wear adheres to international standards, ensuring a reliable barrier against contaminants. Some of the types include hospital gowns, level 5, and level 6 gowns, disposable gowns and plastic gowns. For more information on prices per quantity, please get in touch with us, and we'd tailor the DDP for you. 

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Face Shields and Eye Protection

Enhance facial protection with our face shields and safety goggles. Myst Enterprise provides clear vision and reliable defense against airborne particles, meeting the highest safety standards in eye protection.  

Quality Standards: Your Assurance for Excellence

At Myst Enterprise, quality is our cornerstone. We adhere to rigorous health and safety standards to ensure that our products meet or exceed industry benchmarks. Some of the key standards we comply with include.

  • FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration): Some specific requests we receive are of special products adhering to the FDA regulations. We have that sorted and may furnish with certificates upon requests guaranteeing their safety and effectiveness.
  • ISO 13485: We do maintain an ISO 13485 certification for our manufacturing partners, demonstrating our commitment to quality management systems for medical devices.
  • EN 374: Our disposable gloves comply with EN 374 standards, ensuring resistance to chemicals and microorganisms.
  • EN 455: Also most variants have EN 455 standards, assuring the quality and safety of medical gloves and other disposable medical products.
  • Food Safety: Depending on the PPE items, for example, coveralls and gloves, we make sure that the product has reasonable food safety standards.
  • EU Regulations 2016: We are well aware that the EU 2016 is going to be updated soon enough, adn we're keeping an eye on it to keep providing our partners with highest known quality standards. 

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Post-Pandemic Surge: A Continual Commitment  

The 2019 pandemic marked a pivotal moment in global health consciousness. Even as the initial surge subsided, the use of disposables and protective gear has seen a continuous increase. Myst Enterprise has been at the forefront, meeting the growing demand with unwavering commitment and providing businesses with reliable safety solutions.

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  • Increase in Demand: Post-pandemic, there has been a 35% increase in the demand for protective gear and disposables across various industries.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 90% of our clients have reported satisfaction with the quality, reliability, and adherence to the standards of Myst Enterprise products.

​CLICK ME: If you've a query regarding the lead times and MoQs, please write to us with a short description of what's needed