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About Us

Our story changed from 2019, when the world had a massive restructuring, Geopolitically. Those who persisted are now in the heart of business industry. Luckily, with our sheer will and strong business ethics, we boomed and helped local businesses since then. 
Our core values are wrapped around a massive span of 2 generations of business wisdom. We utilised the experience and successfully established businesses in Health, Tech, Food, and Innovation around the globe.

We now have stable industries and capital relations with manufactories to build a Conglomerate. Our customer-centric approach – understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations is how we work.

Direct​​​​​​​​or's Message

We are nestled in the heart of Aotearoa, New Zealand, in the vibrant city of Christchurch, Myst Enterprise is a bespoke sourcing company specializing in B2B solutions for bulk procurement and product development. 

Our unique position in this picturesque region allows us to foster strong international manufacturing relations while drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry. 
With a commitment to bespoke procurement, we cater to diverse sectors including health, technology, apparel, and food. Our strategic approach encompasses tailored solutions for each sector, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled service and quality. 

Myst Enterprise thrives on the dynamic synergy between the innovation-driven industries we serve and the serene beauty of Aotearoa, making us your ideal partner for customized sourcing and procurement needs.

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Shaping a sustainable future

Amidst the global challenges our planet faces today, a growing number of concerned communities are taking action to prevent further harm.

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Two Re-enforcing Loops.
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Business Model



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Myst's Business Ideology is to help grow your business faster and bigger than before. Connecting you with the right industries to get unmatchable quality, continuous supply at the best economic prices to sustain in the global market.

Our talented teams on the ground are our real asset and a point of difference. It is not big fat bank accounts, neither the tall buildings nor vehicles we drive around, it is our people who are making the real difference. From PhDs to well-integrated experienced personal, run Myst Enterprise where you enjoy fresh & warm coffee and they get the job done for you.

Our Team in every region of the world makes sure, we source or get manufactured
right products for you to beat the BEST


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Global Offices and their roles​​

Myst Global 

Regional Specialties

At our head office in New Zealand (the green, beautiful glimpse of nature), our team connects industrial dots with the rest of the world. Dairy, Soy, Manuka honey, Meat, IT, and other products are outstanding in the world where Myst Enterprise is very well connected with manufacturers. We can supply anything you name from here in any corner of the world.

Globalizing the Internal Resources

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(+64) 27 945 6289

Myst Global

Regional Specialties

Since 2010, with 28.7% of global manufacturing, China is the industry leader worldwide. Myst Enterprise operates and offers industrial solutions, products, customized manufacturing, OEM, and more from its SHANGHAI office with a staff of 30+ intelligent, motivated leaders, very well connected with thousands of manufacturers in multiple industries, state own companies, import & export hubs, and beyond. 

Connecting the Right Industry for Delivery

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Phone :
(+86) 152 0210 4812
Email :

BN: 9131011MA1HB7Dxxx

Myst China (Jiaxi)

New Zealand

NZBN: 9429047653078

Myst Global 

Regional Specialties

To make sure things are heading in the right direction with no loopholes and ambiguity and turbulence, our Hong Kong office kicks in to help with financial services, trading, logistics, production, and other professional services.
Myst Enterprise is your "go-to company" that doesn't leave any corner unattended. Every single step we take is to complete the SYNERGY we want you to enjoy by harvesting the best crops of your businesses.

logistics &

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+86 152 0210 4812

Myst Global

Regional Specialties

No, we have not put this huge region aside, we are right in it with our teams on the ground, bonding and networking with industry suppliers and entrepreneurs.

Expanding  everyday from Spain to Greece, Türkiye to South Africa, our team will be right there, in person to bring solutions to the table for you.

Sharing Tech & Innovation Across the World. 

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+34 631 14 7782


Hong Kong

BRN: 72609648

Myst Global 

Regional Specialties

From the land of pure, with massive agriculture resources to feed the needs of the world, our office exists in the business hub of Pakistan in Karachi.
We can supply the best cotton, Basmati rice (50+ varieties), beautiful Himalayan pink Salt, fancy leather products, the world's top sports gear, best surgical equipment, OEM for top apparel brands like NIKE, LEVIS, GUCCI, etc.

Intra and

– Delivery

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(+92) 315 0119151
(+92) 316 5515512

Sharing Tech &
Across the

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Phone :
(+1) 845 430-7688
Email :

EIN: 85-1829400 72609648



CUIIN: 0146701
NTN: 6932096-8

Myst Global

Regional Specialties

The ever-living city of New York in the heart of the USA accommodates our office and team on the ground to offer its specialty, real-time trade, progress with big numbers for the global economy, and offers what you need as in "Made in the USA".
We offer Metals, computer products, food brands, Miscellaneous, vehicles, and what not to our clients to help them going and growing their businesses worldwide.

Liaison Offices: Spain, Greece, Russia, Malaysia, U.K.

Our Brands

Your procurements are in good hands.

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Visit us: Our office is open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. | International Queries Answered in 2-3 business days.