Revolutionizing Cleaning with MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes: Innovation at Best

Low Lint Wipes
January 21, 2024 by
Myst Enterprise

In the dynamic world of cleaning solutions, MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes stand out as a game-changer, providing a revolutionary approach to cleanliness. These heavy-duty wipes, crafted with precision and care, redefine industry standards and offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods.

Key Features of MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes:

Lint-Free Cleaning:

  • Bid farewell to lint residues with our Heavy Duty Wipes, ensuring a pristine finish on every surface.

Scratch-Free Assurance:

  • Safeguard surfaces with non-abrasive wipes, guaranteeing scratch-free results even on delicate materials.

Reusability for Eco-Friendly Practices:

  • Contribute to a sustainable future by opting for reusable wipes, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Super Strength and Durability:

  • Engineered for superior strength, these wipes withstand rigorous cleaning tasks, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Wet Resistant:

  • Maintain effectiveness even in wet conditions, making these wipes a reliable choice for various industries.

Oil and Grease Absorbent:

  • Efficiently absorb water, oil, and grease, leaving surfaces impeccably clean and free from residues.

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Ideal Users: 

MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes cater to a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Food Preparation
  • Printing & Painting
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical 


  • Sheet Size: 42cm x 34.5 cm
  • Quantity: 250 sheets per box
  • Spun bound Polypropylene material​
  • Super absorbent and strong
  • Multilayered
  • Industry wide Use

Revolutionizing Cleaning Practices: 

MediBlue™ wipes bring a paradigm shift to the cleaning industry by replacing traditional methods with a more efficient and eco-friendly solution. As heavy-duty wipes made entirely from Polypropylene, they are specifically designed to excel in tasks requiring minimal linting and safe handling of solvents.

Low Lint Wipes

Cost-Effective Membership Options: 

Become a member today and experience the cost-effectiveness of these revolutionary wipes. As a member, you can avail yourself of these heavy-duty wipes for as low as 0.40 cents per sheet, making quality cleaning more accessible than ever.

Sustainability and Polypropylene: 

Polypropylene, the primary material used in these wipes, is conventionally recognized as a sustainable choice. Its durability, reusability, and minimal environmental impact contribute to a cleaner planet. 
Polypropylene stands as a compelling choice, even if it falls short of complete sustainability. Its environmental consciousness is evident through the multitude of benefits it offers over other materials. Not only does it outshine by avoiding the release of harmful toxins, but it also boasts a relatively low carbon footprint and is a step towards the safety of human health. 

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MediBlue™ in New Zealand Industries: 

MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes have found widespread use in New Zealand industries, setting new benchmarks for cleanliness and efficiency. From aviation maintenance to food preparation, these wipes are making their mark in diverse sectors across the country.


In conclusion, MediBlue™ Polypropylene Low-Lint Wipes offer more than just a cleaning solution—they embody a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Join the revolution in cleaning practices and experience the unparalleled benefits of these heavy-duty wipes. Visit or contact 027 9456 289 to explore membership options and bring the future of cleaning to your doorstep.

Myst Enterprise January 21, 2024
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