Why BlackMOA™ is the Best Fixed Cassette Toilet for Self-Contained Campervans in New Zealand

Meet BlackMOA™: The Ultimate Cassette Toilet for New Zealand's Campervans
June 12, 2024 by
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In New Zealand, the quest for the perfect self-contained campervan setup is a topic of passionate discussion, especially within the largest campervan community groups. A recurring question is which fixed toilet meets self-containment regulations without compromising on space or comfort.

Introducing BlackMOA™ - Fixed Toilet with Removable Vented Cassette - 12L, a compact and sleek cassette toilet that’s not only the smallest in the market but also proudly designed and trademarked in New Zealand. It’s tailored to the needs of both private users and commercial fleets, offering compliance for up to 4 passengers with its efficient 12L tank. 

How BlackMOA™ Meets NZ Regulations

The New Zealand standard for self-contained vehicles requires a fixed and vented toilet. Traditional porta-loos are no longer permissible for freedom camping in self-contained campervans. The BlackMOA™ - Fixed Toilet with Removable Cassette - 12L meets these regulations effortlessly, thanks to its integrated vent system and fixed installation.

We are proud to announce that the BlackMOA™ has successfully received the GREEN STICKER CERTIFICTION, ensuring it meets the latest self-containment standards in New Zealand. This certification guarantees that your BlackMOA™ toilet is environmentally friendly and fully compliant with regulations, making it the perfect choice for your campervan.

Below is a video demonstrating how the BlackMOA™ adheres to these requirements and showcasing its certification process.

Why BlackMOA™ - Fixed Toilet with Removable Cassette - 12L Stands Out Among Other Solutions

To understand why this Fixed Toilet with removable Cassette is the preferred choice, consider the practical challenges faced by campervan outfitters:

Case Studies with Commercial Clients:

  • Business 1: Manages 200 fleet campervans, faced with a potential NZD 500,000 retrofitting cost.
  • Business 2: Operates over 400 fleet campervans with a projected cost exceeding NZD 2 million.

These staggering figures were quoted mainly due to the need to accommodate higher toilet seats (current market solution), which require extensive and costly modifications to the bedding and overall van structure.

Challenges of High Toilet Seats:

  • Reduces the internal height by up to 500mm, severely restricting space.
  • Costs range from NZD 2,500 to NZD 6,000 per van for modifications.
  • Potential future costs of over NZD 8,000 per van for raised roofs.
  • Compromises the ease of entry, affecting the overall passenger experience.

In contrast, BlackMOA™ - Fixed Toilet with Removable Cassette - 12L, offers significant advantages:

  • Low Profile: At only 320mm in height, it does not necessitate any bed height adjustments.
  • Flexible Installation: Lightweight and can be installed on a sliding rail under the bed or other storage areas.
  • Cost-effective: DIY installation could range from NZD 80 to NZD 150, while professional installation ranges from NZD 250 to NZD 450.
  • Space Efficiency: Maximizes interior space, enhancing passenger comfort.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully complies with NZ regulations for up to 4 passengers.
  • Versatility: Offers both vented and non-vented setups, and can be connected to an unlimited water supply.
  • Local Support: Being a New Zealand brand, it ensures ready availability of parts and local support.


The BlackMOA™ - Fixed Toilet with Removable Cassette - 12L fixed cassette toilet is not only the most space-efficient and regulatory-compliant option on the market but also represents the most economical choice for campervan owners and fleet operators in New Zealand. It stands as a testament to innovative design focused on user comfort and ease of installation.

For a deeper dive into how BlackMOA™ - Toilet's can revolutionize your campervan experience, check out our full information pack on the product page.

Myst Enterprise June 12, 2024
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