Case Study: Navigating New Legislation in Self-contained Vehicles with Innovative Sourcing Solutions by Myst Enterprise

Revitalising Motorhome compliance Amidst New Regulations
May 2, 2024 by
Myst Enterprise


Myst Enterprise, a leader in innovative sourcing solutions based in New Zealand, was approached by motorhome manufacturers facing stringent new regulatory requirements for self-contained vehicles. The legislation required significant changes to the design and functionality of cassette toilets, among other self-containment features.


The revised regulations mandated that all cassette toilets must directly drain into a removable blackwater tank and be integrated within a fixed toilet base. These changes necessitated a redesign of existing models, which posed a supply chain challenge to source compliant components quickly and efficiently. Manufacturers needed to ensure compliance without disrupting production lines or incurring excessive costs.

The Solution

Strategic Approach: Myst Enterprise developed a dual-focused strategy:

  1. Compliance-driven Redesign: Collaborated with manufacturers to understand the specific requirements and constraints of the new regulations. Assisted in redesigning the toilet systems to meet legislative demands while maintaining usability and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Global Sourcing for Compliance: Utilized its global network to identify and partner with suppliers who could provide innovative, regulation-compliant components. This included sourcing removable blackwater tanks that were easy to install and matched the existing vehicle designs.


  • Supplier Coordination: Worked closely with suppliers to ensure components met both the regulatory standards and the manufacturers' quality specifications.
  • Logistics Optimization: Streamlined the logistics to ensure timely delivery of new components to avoid production delays.
  • Compliance Assurance: Conducted thorough compliance checks before installation to ensure all sourced components met the new legal standards.


  • Regulatory Compliance: All client vehicles equipped with the new systems successfully passing certification under the new regulations.
  • Production Continuity: Manufacturers maintained continuous production flow with minimal disruption, thanks to the proactive sourcing and redesign strategies.
  • Innovation in Design: The newly designed toilet systems not only complied with regulations but also enhanced the overall design and functionality of the vehicles.

Client Testimonial: "Thanks to Myst Enterprise, we navigated through complex new regulations with ease. Their innovative sourcing strategies and commitment to compliance helped us upgrade our products while maintaining production efficiency and market competitiveness." - Director, NZ Motorhome.


Myst Enterprise’s proactive approach in redesigning and sourcing critical components under new regulatory standards enabled motorhome manufacturers to seamlessly transition to compliant models. This case study underscores Myst Enterprise’s capability to deliver innovative and compliant sourcing solutions that meet specific industry needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Adaptability in Regulatory Environments: Effective sourcing strategies are crucial when adapting to new regulations.
  • Innovative Supplier Networks: Leveraging a robust global supplier network can facilitate quick adaptation to industry changes.
  • Strategic Compliance Management: Proactive compliance management ensures that product redesigns meet regulatory standards without compromising on functionality or cost.

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Myst Enterprise May 2, 2024
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