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How Myst Enterprise Optimized Global Sourcing for an NZ Business.
May 1, 2024 by
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A leading national furniture company in New Zealand faced significant challenges in managing its stock of furniture and joinery parts. The local supply chain disruptions led to depleted stocks and overseas interrupted production schedules, threatening the company's ability to meet customer demand and maintain market position.


The primary challenge was the broken production and supply and lack of reliable local sources for critical joinery parts and materials, which caused frequent supply halts. The company needed a robust solution to stabilize its supply chain, ensure consistent stock availability, and manage the inherent risks of sourcing from international markets.

The Solution

Strategic Approach: Myst Enterprise stepped in with a tailored solution leveraging its extensive international network. The strategy focused on two main objectives:

  1. Global Sourcing Efficiency: By utilizing its global partnerships, Myst Enterprise identified and partnered with reliable suppliers in regions with a surplus of high-quality joinery parts. This approach not only diversified the supply sources but also ensured competitive pricing and material quality. Conclusively, Myst brought the items on a less expensive rates as compared to their purchase window before.
  2. Risk Management in Sourcing: Myst Enterprise implemented a comprehensive risk management plan that included rigorous supplier vetting, quality assurance processes, and contingency planning to ensure on-time delivery. The plan was designed to handle potential disruptions effectively and maintain a steady flow of materials that continues till today.


  • Supplier Coordination: Coordinated with multiple international suppliers to ensure a consistent and reliable supply chain.
  • Bulk Purchasing Agreements: Negotiated bulk purchasing agreements that allowed for better pricing, stock availability, and minimized the risk of stock-outs.
  • Logistics and Compliance: Managed age old logistics network to handle international shipping, customs clearance, and compliance, ensuring timely delivery of parts.


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  • Production Stability: The consistent and reliable supply of joinery parts stabilized production lines, eliminating unscheduled downtimes.
  • Stock Management: Improved stock management practices led to a 25% reduction in stock shortages within the first six months.
  • Risk Mitigation: Effective risk management strategies significantly reduced the company’s vulnerability to supply chain disruptions.
Client Testimonial: "The partnership with Myst Enterprise transformed our operational capabilities. Their expertise in global sourcing and risk management has not only stabilized our supply chain but also enhanced our production efficiency, allowing us to deliver to our customers without delay." - MD, National Furniture Company

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Key Takeaways!


Myst Enterprise's strategic intervention provided the furniture company with a resilient, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain solution. By leveraging international sourcing and expert risk management, Myst Enterprise helped the client maintain continuous production and meet growing market demands.

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Myst Enterprise May 1, 2024
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