Microfiber Towel-15Pcs

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Tri-color | 420 gsm

Experience our soft and super absorbent Microfibre Towels. These are ideal for a touch of luxury in your everyday routine.

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Brand: BlackMOA™
Size: 40cm x 40cm
Material: 420 GSM
Color: Tri-Color

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Discover the ultimate in absorbency and softness with our premium microfiber towels. Engineered as 420gsm for efficiency, these towels are designed to quickly and effectively dry surfaces, making them an essential addition to your daily routine. 

The fine microfiber material ensures a low-lint and streak-free finish, making them ideal for various applications, from household cleaning to personal care. With their bigger size 40x40cm and quick-drying properties, these towels are not only eco-friendly but also perfect for those on the go. Elevate your drying experience with our high-quality microfiber towels – the epitome of functionality and luxury .

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