​BlackMOA™-Tough Gloves​

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100% Nitrile | Powder Free

Tough jobs require tough gloves. BlackMOA™ (Launched in 2020) Tough Gloves are designed for durability and resilience. Conquer your tasks with confidence.

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Brand: BlackMOA™
Material: 100% Nitrile - Latex free
Packaging: 100pcs/ Box | 10 Boxes/ Carton

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  1. Advanced Protection: Thicker and tougher, offering superior protection for harsh working conditions.
  2. Double Thickness Design: Our BlackMOA™- Black Nitrile Gloves are 6 mil (0.15mm) double thickness provides extended and enhanced protection.
  3. Maximum Grip: Ideal for jobs requiring maximum protection and superior grip with finger texture.
  4. Premium Material: Crafted from 100% Nitrile, a synthetic co-polymer for excellent tactile sensitivity and grip.
  5. Comfort and Sensitivity: These Black Nitrile Gloves Ensures excellent comfort, precise fitting, and sensitivity for intricate tasks.
  6. Puncture Resistance: BlackMOA™- Black Nitrile Gloves are more puncture-resistant than natural rubber or vinyl gloves, assuring durability.
  7. Chemical Resistance: Guards against 18 chemicals, ensuring safety in various work environments.
  8. Virus Protection: BlackMOA™- Black Nitrile Gloves provides effective protection against viruses for enhanced workplace safety.

Typical Properties:  

    • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large for a customized fit.
    • Certifications: BlackMOA™ holds CE Certificates, EU Conformity Certificate, WAND, EN 374-1,2,3,4,5, EN 455-1,2,3, ASTM D6319.
    • Typical Features: Typical features for Black Nitrile Gloves includes: 
      • Air Leaks 
      • Water ​Leaks 
      • ​pH 
      • ​Innocuousness 
      • Dexterity 
      • ​Protection against Viruses 
      • Force at Break:
        • Before Aging: 8.2 N, showcasing durability and strength.
        • After Aging: 6.8 N, indicating sustained performance even after aging.
      • Dimensions: Length: 242mm, Width: 97mm, providing ample coverage.
      • Wide Application: Our BlackMOA™- Black Nitrile Gloves are suitable for a range of industries, including maintenance, hygiene services, construction, medical, and more.

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