3-Ply Mask

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Type IIR medical Masks

Stay protected with our 3-Ply Masks. These surgical masks are comfortable, breathable, and designed for everyday use. Your safety is our priority.

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Mediblue™ by Myst Enterprise is a standard products in conscious living with its 3-ply disposable mask. Engineered for maximum filtration efficiency, these masks boast three layers of protection that act as a robust shield against pollutants, allergens, and respiratory droplets. 

The masks are lightweight, breathable, and designed for extended wear, ensuring both comfort and effectiveness. Mediblue™'s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of these disposable masks, making them an indispensable accessory for individuals seeking a trustworthy and friendly solution to prioritize safety. Choose Mediblue™ by Myst Enterprise – where protection meets excellence. 

Standards:  Manufactured in accordance with 
EN1468:2019  ​EN ISO 11737-1:2018​
ISO 9001  ​SGS report & CE 
EN ISO 14971-2019 ​ISO 10993-1:2018

Typical Properties:  

      Outer Layer (Hydrophobic Layer): The outermost layer is designed to repel water, preventing respiratory droplets and other liquids from penetrating the mask. This hydrophobic layer acts as a barrier against larger particles, such as saliva and water splashes.
      Middle Layer (Filter Layer): The middle layer is the core of the mask and serves as a high-efficiency filter. Composed of melt-blown fabric, this layer effectively captures smaller airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses. The filter layer is crucial for the mask's ability to block microscopic contaminants.
      Inner Layer (Absorbent Layer): The innermost layer, in direct contact with the wearer's face, is typically made of non-woven, soft, and moisture-absorbing material. This layer enhances comfort by absorbing moisture, such as sweat and exhaled air, keeping the mask wearer dry and minimizing irritation.

      *Ideal for sensitive skin, and tested against Erythema and Oedema. 100% Kiwi owned.

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