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Particulate Respirator

Benehal's N95 Masks are NIOSH certified and known for their world class efficiency against the particulate matter. These are made of high filtration layers for fluid resistant against PM10. 
• 95% Filtration efficiency
• Needle punched cotton against PM10
• Thin non-woven inner layer
• Soft, and skin friendly 
• 4 layer protection
• Anti-fog tech
• Soft breathable foam on the inside of nose clip for comfort. 

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  1. High Filtration Efficiency: N95 respirators are known for their high filtration efficiency, capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles.
  2. NIOSH Approval: N95 respirators are typically approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), ensuring they meet stringent standards for safety and performance.
  3. Tight Seal: Effective N95 respirators create a tight seal around the nose and mouth, minimizing the risk of inhaling airborne contaminants.
  4. Respiratory Protection: Designed to protect against respiratory hazards, N95 masks are commonly used in healthcare settings and industries where airborne particles may pose a risk.


Typical Properties:  

    1. Material: N95 respirators are constructed from multiple layers of specialized materials, often including non-woven fabrics and electrostatically charged filter media.
    2. Adjustable Nose Clip: Many N95 respirators feature an adjustable nose clip to ensure a secure fit and reduce the potential for air leakage.
    3. Head Straps: Typically equipped with adjustable head straps, N95 masks can be securely fastened to achieve a comfortable and snug fit.
    4. Exhalation Valve (optional): Some models may include an exhalation valve, enhancing breathability and reducing moisture buildup within the mask.
    5. Disposable: N95 respirators are usually intended for single-use, and users should follow recommended guidelines for proper disposal.


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