Puristic - Smart Air Purifier

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Eco-friendly and made in Korea. 
Experience fresh, antibacterial air with Puristic’s uniqueness. Inside's turns yellow to indicate activation. Environmentally friendly solution. Snap to purify with Puristic's Air purifier—anti-odor, eco-conscious design, releasing clean air instantly. Yellow signifies active purification.

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  • How does the Puristic Air purifier work? The Puristic Air purifier uses a specially designed ampoule containing air-purifying gas ( ClO₂). By bending the stick, similar to activating a glow stick, you break the ampoule inside, which releases the purifying agent that transforms the color to yellow, indicating that the air is being purified.
  • Is the Puristic Air purifier eco-friendly? Yes, our Puristic Air purifier is environmentally friendly. It is designed with sustainability in mind, using safe materials that prioritize the planet's health along with your own.
  • How do I know when the Puristic Air purifier is activated? Upon bending the stick, you will hear a distinct crack sound. The contents will turn yellow, which visually confirms that the purifier is functional and the air purification process has begun.
  • What makes the Puristic Air purifier different from other air purifiers? Unlike traditional air purifiers, the Puristic Air purifier does not require electricity or batteries, making it portable and convenient. Its unique activation method and visual indicator set it apart, providing a user-friendly experience.


  • How long does the Puristic Air purifier last once activated? After activation, the purifier will effectively work for a period that varies depending on the size of the area and the air quality. For optimal performance, refer to the instructions provided with the product.
  • Can the Puristic Air purifier eliminate strong odors? No, the Puristic Air purifier is only designed to combat and neutralize the infected air, thanks to its advanced formula that tackles odor-causing bacteria and refreshes the air.
  • Is the Puristic Air purifier safe to use around children and pets? The safety of your family and pets is our priority. The Puristic Air purifier is safe when used as directed, and releases permissible amounts of ClO₂ by OSHA into the air. However, as with any chemical product, it should be kept out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.
  • Where is the Puristic Air purifier manufactured? The Puristic Air purifier is proudly made in Korea, adhering to strict quality and safety standards to bring you a premium air purification experience.
  • INTERSTING FACT:  ClO₂ gas is a U.S. EPA recognized sterilizer that has been applied for decontamination in the federal buildings.

MPI's Approval Code : C26


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