Grip Tapes - 24Pcs
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Multipurpose Tape

Secure and seal with confidence using our cohesive coflex Tapes. From tattoo artists to DIY projects, trust in the strength of our tapes.

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    Among tattoo industry essentials are cohesive bandages, grip tape, or coflex tape – versatile tapes that play crucial roles in the tattooing process. Our cohesive bandages, with their self-adhering properties, provide excellent support and compression without sticking to the skin or hair, making them ideal for securing dressings or protecting freshly inked areas.
    These Grip tape, specifically designed for tattoo machine handles, enhances the artist's grip, providing better control and maneuverability during intricate designs. The textured surface of the grip tape ensures a comfortable and slip-resistant hold, allowing artists to focus on their craft without the worry of hand fatigue.

    Myst's Coflex tape is a self-adherent bandage for its application in tattoo studios for securing and covering tattoo equipment cords, providing a tidy and organized workspace. Its flexibility and gentle compression make it a preferred choice for safely bundling cords without causing damage.
    These versatile tapes not only provide functional support but also demonstrate the commitment of tattoo artists to precision, cleanliness, and client satisfaction. 

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