Transforming Maintenance and Cleaning Operations with MediBlue™ Polypropylene Prep Wipes

Polypropylene Prep Wipes Across Multiple Sectors
May 18, 2024 by
Myst Enterprise

Local NZ businesses were experiencing issues with lint residue and surface scratches during cleaning and maintenance, and were seeking an effective solution. The inefficiencies on the current solutions in the market caused delays, increased costs, and frequent re-cleaning efforts.


Myst Enterprise's MediBlue™ Polypropylene Prep Wipes were introduced to address these challenges. These wipes are designed for rigorous cleaning tasks, providing low-lint, non-abrasive cleaning suitable for environments where precision and cleanliness are critical.


The company integrated the MediBlue™ wipes into various stages of their maintenance protocols. The wipes, made from spun polypropylene and packaged in packs of 250 sheets (42cm x 34.5cm each), offered high absorbency for oils and greases.


  1. Enhanced Cleanliness: The wipes' low-lint quality drastically reduced residue on surfaces, ensuring a higher standard of cleanliness.
  2. Surface Protection: Their non-abrasive nature prevented scratches, preserving the integrity of delicate aircraft parts.
  3. Operational Efficiency: The high absorbency minimized cleaning time, streamlining maintenance schedules.
  4. Cost Savings: The reduction in re-cleaning efforts and inspection times led to significant cost savings.

Broader Applications and Success

Following the success in the aviation industry, the use of MediBlue™ Polypropylene Prep Wipes expanded to other sectors requiring meticulous cleanliness. Panel beaters, food preparation companies, and other industries where low lint and non-abrasive cleaning are essential have also adopted these wipes. Their versatility and reliability have made them a preferred choice for businesses aiming to maintain high standards of hygiene and operational efficiency.


The adoption of MediBlue™ Polypropylene Prep Wipes by Myst Enterprise is  revolutionising cleaning and maintenance operations in local industries. This study exemplifies how a tailored cleaning solution can lead to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and improved cleanliness standards.

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Myst Enterprise May 18, 2024
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