Vented Cassette Toilet - 12L (Fixed)
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Small design to comply for 4 beds.

Removable Blackwater Tank: 12L
Toilet Water Tank: 12L
Minimum Vent Size: 12mm
Minimum weight capacity: 150kg. 
Positioned in the front with improved installation, cosmetics, and cassette safety.

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Size: 320mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 480mm (D)
Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Brand: BlackMOA™

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Experience the ultimate campervan toilet conversion from a porta-potty to a fixed toilet with a removable vented cassette on the road with BlackMOA™ , a New Zealand-designed and trademarked brand.

Perfect for RVs and campervans, it features an integrated 12L water tank with manual flush and a 12L waste cassette, meeting the new self-containment rules for four passengers. Our fixed and vented removable cassette toilet ensures hassle-free waste management.

Choose BlackMOA™ , a trusted NZ-owned brand, for quality and innovation, saving you thousands on van modifications and making the dream of owning a campervan more affordable.

Main Features

    ✔  Only 320 high fixed seat

    ✔  Small but perfect to comply 4 passengers

    ✔  Vent pipe positioned at top corner instead of lid itself

    ✔  Light weight to easy go on the sliding racks under a bed or cabinet

    ✔  NZ Owned brand with parts, accessories and warranty

    ✔  Sleek & compact design.

    ✔  Vans stay exactly the same without shrinking the space between bed-top and ceiling (which can be about half a meter sadly).

    ✔  Vans stay user friendly for food, playing cards and enjoying the free space as always. 

    ✔  Not risking massive amount of money and all at once.

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Myst Enterprise Removable Cassette Toilet

Myst Enterprise proudly introduces an innovative removable cassette toilet designed to meet the new requirements for self-contained vehicles. This advanced solution is built with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ensuring durability and lightweight handling. The product features a dual-tank system with a removable blackwater tank having a capacity of 12 liters, and another 12 liters for toilet water.

Key design enhancements include:

  • Compliance: Specifically engineered to accommodate up to four users and maintain a minimum weight capacity of 150kg, meeting market demand.
  • Innovative Features: Equipped with a removable cassette, vent kit based on for optimal ventilation (with a stopper - when vent is not used) , the toilet is designed to prevent any spillage between the blackwater tank and toilet unit. 
  • Ease of Use: Features an outer lid positioned in the front for improved installation and aesthetics, coupled with an outer box covering for enhanced protection.
  • Flexibility: Can be mounted on racks or rails for a slide-in/out option, which facilitates easy adaptation to various vehicle types without necessitating major internal modifications.

With its robust design and flexible usage options, the Myst Enterprise Removable Cassette Toilet is set to become an essential component in modern self-contained vehicles, offering significant cost savings and compliance with new regulations.

For more insights on our design process and how we navigate industry regulations, read the  case study at our Blog.